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Ridge Environmental Solutions, Inc.
205 Bell Place, Suite A
Woodstock, GA 30188
Telephone: (770) 592-1955
Fax: (770) 790-5946

Environmental contracting can be 40% or more of your overall soil and groundwater remediation project budget and can be the most important part. The success you have on this portion of the project will often dictate how you are perceived by your client. You understand that a positive perception leads to a positive bottom line.

Ridge has built our company around the concept of enhancing your reputation with your clients. We understand your greatest need is to satisfy your client so over the past 10 years we have instilled a culture of responsiveness, quality, safety, and efficiency that translates into excellent results for your remediation projects. This excellence allows you and your firm to profit and flourish.

Below is a list of some of the tasks we can perform for you:

        AS / SVE / DPE System Installation
        Remediation Compound Construction
        Dig and Haul
        System Decommissioning
        Pilot Testing
        System Repairs and Retrofits
        O&M / Sampling
        Pre-Remediation Planning

Ridge provides value on the front end of your project, by working together with you to ensure our understanding of the scope to avoid change orders. Please feel free to download our Statement of Qualifications to view some of the representative projects Ridge has completed over the past 10 years and give us a call today to discuss your environmental contracting needs.
(770) 592-1955